The total All-on-X rehabilitation

The total All-on-x rehabilitation is a technique based on the insertion of 4-6 or 8 implants in specific locations to enable a prosthetic work to restore the functions of dental-maxillary apparatus.

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The decision to use 4,6 or 8 implants is determined depending on the quality and quantity of the maxillary bone, and also depending on the general condition of the patient and concomitant ilness.

Intervention is recommended to a patient who wants an implant-supported fixed denture. In most cases they are patients who no longer have any teeth (complete edentation) and wear mobile prosthesis. Another category are patients who have a terminal denture (the existing teeth are severely affected by caries with complications and generalized periodontal disease in advanced form).

Stages of treatment with All-on-X:

1. Stage 1 (7-10 Days)
At the first stage, after the consultation (tomography, photo and video initial protocol), 4-6-8 implants are inserted, depending on the state of the bone, teeth are extracted if necessary and an impression is taken for the provisional teeth.
After 7 days, the temporary teeth are fixed.

2. Stage 2 – over at least 6 months
The definitive prosthesis is performed (10 Days)

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