Dental implant

The dental implant is a piece of titanium, most often in the form of a screw, which serves as a replacement for the root of a missing natural tooth.

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What is

Dental implant?

The dental implant is the artificial replacement of a dental root. When the tooth is removed and there is nothing left in the bone, the only way to replace that lost tooth, as naturally as possible, is to insert a dental implant.

Benefits of dental implants:

  • improve the quality of the patient’s life;
  • preserve the integrity of facial structures;
  • the smile is restored as naturally as possible;
  • neighboring teeth are preserved healthy, maintaining their integrity;
  • increased stability;
  • improve the general health, and the quality of nutrition and digestion;
  • contribute to the growth of self-confidence;
  • improved facial aesthetics;
  • ease in achieving the oral hygiene.

Patients who are to undergo a dental surgery require specific preliminary oral hygiene procedures. It is also very important to maintain an appropriate oral hygiene at home, in parallel with regular checks and professional hygiene sessions in the doctor’s room. The methods and frequency of deposition removal (debris) must be adapted to each individual.

Dental facets are recommended for patients with chipped, transparent tooth, of an uncertain, non-uniform color, with broad spaces between them or other minor orthodontic problems, nanic teeth or temporary persistent teeth.

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