Teeth facets are one of the dental aesthetic methods we use to improve the appearance of patients’ teeth. These methods make your teeth look healthier and more beautiful.

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Clinic „Dr. Romaniuc”?

“Doctor Romaniuc Dentistry” offers dental orthopedic treatments, which aim at restoring the teeth by fixed works: facets, crowns and dental bridges, as well as by movable works: total or partial prostheses, skeleton prostheses with special systems, prostheses on implants.

Final treatment is only chosen after detailed medical examination and after the patient is informed and consulted about the steps to be taken.
In order to get a Hollywood smile, the dental faces (or veneers, as they are called) are recommended as the ideal solution.

The doctors of the clinic Dr. Romaniuc perform a wide range of fixed and mobile prosthetic works, as following:

  • Dental bridges, metal-ceramic dental crowns;
  • Zirconium ceramic prosthetic works;
  • Whole ceramic dental crowns;
  • Ceramic facets (veneers);
  • Dentures and prostheses on implants.

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