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is a technique based on the insertion of 4-6 or 8 implants in specific locations to enable a prosthetic work to restore the functions of dental-maxillary apparatus.


The veneers shall be used either to improve the aesthetic look of a tooth or to protect its outer surface.

Dental crown

Is a treatment covering a blunt or a tooth with coronary destruction, being able to save it both aesthetically and functionally.

Dental implant

When the tooth is removed and there is nothing left in the bone, the only way to replace that lost tooth is to insert a dental implant.

Dental restoration

To treat dental caries, the procedure for the direct restoration of a tooth with composite materials is most often used.

Endodontic treatment

Is a series of procedures designed to remove the inflamed or infected tissue, to disinfect all the endodontic space.

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“Doctor Romaniuc Dentistry” is a dream come true, a project that has been harmoniously developed with the help of motivated people working in the clinic. The team’s history is based on Mr. Dumitru Romaniuc experience – a professional dentist, close to all the patients.

He always wanted to practice this profession in a pleasant, clean, well-equipped place; a place where everyone would like to come as patients.

our specialists

Our doctors work with elegance and professionalism, paying attention to all the details so that every single smile becomes invaluable.

Dumitru Romaniuc

general dentist

Snejana Carabulea

medical therapist

Manar Shawdary

dentist – pediatrician

This is how the Dr Romaniuc Dentistry was born, a soul-driven project that was possible to accomplish due to a lot of work. The clinic is equipped with a technology that allows us to reach the standards we always aspired to. The modern state-of-the-art equipment allows us to diagnose more precisely the dental conditions; this helps us to come with a patient-oriented individualized treatment. The dental microscope allows us to enlarge up to 36 times the tooth, which simplifies and improves the treatment. The photo studio helps us to document pictures and videos for every single case.

Inside the dentistry, we are a team of young professionals, willing to discover new knowledge; a team that is constantly informed about new procedures in current medicine. In the same way, it is very important for us to care for our fellows.

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